Eagle River Home Sales May 2015

May 2015 Sales

Some good news on home sales! 107 units. That is the first time in 2015 that brings us over the century mark. That is the first time that we have been over 100 units since October 2014.

Unit sales are up 33% from April of 2015 and up 30% from May of 2014. We sold 107 units in May of 2013 (flat with 2015) and 105 units in May of 2012 (up 1.9%). Year to date, we have sold 336 units. This compares with 291 units in 2014 (up 15.4%). Unit sales have dropped slightly from 2013 sales where we sold 358 units and that is down 6%. Still, it is a nice trend and showing activity seems brisk.

Listing activity is slightly down for the month. 474 units were listed last May while 394 units were listed in May of 2015 (down 20%). Year to date 1265 units have been listed in 2015. In 2014, 1259 units were listed (up 0.4%). What we are seeing is a shortage of lake homes below $400,000 and a surplus of homes priced over $600,000. The increased sales activity and flat/decreasing supply should drive home prices up.

It has gotten busy here in the Northwoods. We are very optimistic about the market in 2015. The weather is perfect! Please come up and enjoy the Northwoods!

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